ZWCAD Architecture 2014 Beta Built for Immediate Architectural Productivity

ZWCAD Design, an innovative supplier of CAD solutions for the MCAD and AEC industries, announced the release of ZWCAD Architecture 2014 Beta, the ZWCAD+ based application tailored for professional architectural designers. It provides utility features such as 3D visualization, parametric building components and flexible annotation that streamline development processes, improve product accuracy and accelerate time-to-market. “Aiming at helping AEC designers address today’s industrial challenges, ZWCAD Architecture 2014 Beta brings a whole new level of capability to architectural design.” said Daniel Huang, Product Manager of ZWCAD+. “Designers can leverage its fast, accurate and easy-to-use tools to make efficient architectural design a reality.” Associative 3D Visualization Functions In the architectural and interior design industry, it’s natural that designers use rendering to impress clients with final visual images. Equipped with 3D rendering features, ZWCAD Architecture 2014 Beta allows designers to use better visualization to communicate with project stakeholders. In this new release, users can directly generate 2D sections, elevations and 3D rendering models from floor plans. To ensure higher accuracy, every small adjustment will be automatically updated to the 3D model, making the visualization process more associative and efficient. Convenient Parametric Building Components Various types of building components such as doors, windows and roofs are integrated in to ZWCAD Architectural 2014 Beta. Designers can freely insert any patterns from the library, and change the shape, width and length to fit their specific design needs. Architectural design has also been made more convenient by allowing designers to modify and justify the position of doors and windows in batch. With only a few clicks, all the pile widths, distances to wall and axis’ will automatically follow the adjusting batch components, reducing the need for one-by-one revision and saving a significant amount of time. Flexible Annotation System ZWCAD Architecture 2014 Beta makes full use of fast and flexible associative dimensions that greatly improve efficiency. The in-place editable texts and tables clearly annotate the drawings, while the room tags separate each room for better drawing evaluation and management. With necessary architecture symbols such as compass, revision cloud, symmetry symbols and more, users can create more accurate designs in less time. ZWCAD Architecture 2014 Beta is available from September 12th, with many more features such as customized pattern library and organized schedules to optimize design efficiency. For more information about this new product, please click here or visit ZWSOFT on Facebook.