How to Recover Deleted or Lost iPhone Call History

Some times, you may forget to record the phone number of your new client who just called you. When you want to call back to him, you can’t find the phone number on your iPhone. Because you are so busy that you have more than 100 phone call every day. How to get back the deleted call logs and contact your client? Read this article and I will share with you the best way of recovering deleted call history on iPhone. You need to use iPhone data recovery software. It can scan your iPhone and find the deleted call history on it. You can easily get back them to your computer with this software. You can also use this software to retrieve contacts, photos, messages, videos, notes, whatsapp messages, reminders, calendars and so on from iOS devices. Please stop using your iPhone when you find the call history you want to use disappear on your phone. This can keep the highest recovery rate for it. When iPhone delete your data, it still save the data on your iPhone. You just can’t see them. The data will be deleted from your iPhone when new data overwrite the space that saved the deleted data on it. So there are chances for you to find the deleted data on it and recover them to your computer. Step 1. Scan iPhone to Find Call History Install the software on your computer and run it. Plug your iPhone to your computer. The software will detect your phone and load it to the interface. Click “Scan” button on the interface, the software will scan your iPhone automatically. It will analyze your phone and find all the data on it. Step 2. Select and Recover Deleted Call History Select and preview the info of the call logs on the interface. You can see the details of each call, including date, time, duration, coming in or out and phone number. If it is from your contacts, you can also see the name. After selecting all of them, you can easily click “Recover” button. All the selected data will be restored and saved to your computer as soon as possible. You can easily find the location and open the file to find the phone number you need. Please remember to type in the phone number and create a new contact. Now you can call back to your client and go on your business with him easily. Hope this is not too late for you.