User Roles for CloudCodes gFlow

Roles Initiator: A user who initiates the request of approval. Approver: A user who approves/rejects the request of approval. Application Administrator: A user who is provided the administrator access to gFlow. It may be a user who is not a superadmin/admin for the google apps domain. Initiator A user who would like to submit a request for approval for a particular workflow process through the google apps workflow product gFlow can do by going to the request/flow section of the product. Clicking on Start Flow displays the list of forms that are visible to the user. A user only view those approval forms or workflow on which it has access. The user in gFlow belongs to Organisation Unit. The approval forms created for gFlow are created for a particular organisation unit. This allows organisation to implement different forms for different business unit. The business unit can be mapped to organisation unit. Once the form type/category is selected the set of forms for that category is visible to the user. The user can then select the form and click on Start Flow. The user then need to the provide the information. One of the information field which comes is Title. The title field can be used to provide sumarrized context to the request. For example “Leave Request between 23 Sept – 27 Sept” or “Purchase Order Approval for Google Apps License”. In case of pre-define approval chain the administrator defines the approvers and it is displayed in a read only mode and initiator cannot change the approvers but in case of user defined approval mode, the end user can define the approval chain i.e. add the approvers for the approval on the google apps workflow tool by CloudCodes gFlow. Approver The user who is responsible for approving the approval workflow request initiated by the initiator receives an email of the request. The approver can perform the action immediately from the email itself as it has links for: Approve Reject This is useful feature as this allow the approver to perform action within email from device such as smart phones and tablet. The approver can also traverse to gFlow and click on Pending Request/Actions to view the list of pending approval for him/her. The approver can do the following: Provide Comment about the approval request Upload necessary document(s) if required. Approve the request Reject the request Delegate the request to another user. When all approvers finishes the approval the request gets completed and the initiator of the request receives a notification in the form of email in gFlow the google apps workflow tool. For more details contact