Popular Free Virus Protection

Computers and internet has dramatically changed our lives. The exchange of information and communication has never been so fast and convenient as it was before. We greatly appreciate all the advantage of this modern convenience. However, the greatest thing that baffles and threatens the cyberworld is the presence of destructive and harmful computer viruses. As high-tech as the technology itself, viruses lurk around waiting for someone to victimized. We cannot deny the fact that our computer systems are vulnerable to this kind of attacks. They are highly sophisticated and intricate programs that sometimes ordinary users cannot easily know how and when a virus can wreck havoc on their computers.
Some of these manmade viruses can just do little damage but others can really create serious damages. It might lead to loss of important data, disruption of work, slowing down of system and other more potential harm. They also pose threat to your privacy and security. Overall, viruses can create a lot of mess and headaches to computers users. One of the best solutions around is to use software that gives virus protection. It is good to know that virus protection is not that expensive and even comes totally free. But of course, their level of protection differs. If you think you cannot afford that expensive virus protection there are several popular free virus protection around that you should take a look and investigate to see their features and services.
Computer virus protection programs always update itself and there are new versions each year. Some of them have been trusted for a long time by many and some fairly new to this field. These programs are designed to give ultimate protection from all malwares, spywares and rootkits. However, let us begin with the use of free virus protection first before trying the expensive ones. We want to save money as much as possible and don’t need extra charges every now and then just to have that peace of mind. Here is the list of popular free virus protection available today:

Microsoft Security Essentials 2011
AVG Free Antivirus Software 2011
Avast Free antivirus 2011
Bitdefender Anti Virus 2011
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011
Norton AntiVirus 2011
ESET NOD32 Antivirus
Avira AntiVir Professional

Now you know all the most common antivirus software that comes free to be used for your personal computer.
You can make a comparison and review of them yourself to find out who really among them works best. At the same time it is a reminder to always update these versions of programs so to make sure your computer is well protected. If you cannot upgrade to premium version at least regularly accept updates from them. Computer virus comes in many forms and this includes the spyware, Trojans, dialer, keylogger, virus, adware and much more. You simply need the help of this software programs.
What you should look for a free virus protection program is the following features or the usual ones like scan scheduling, free updates, real time protection, decent detection rate, email protection, boot time scanning, and behavioral blocker. They should also have an easy to use and access user interface for your convenience. These are just basic things to look out for your free software. They should also be compatible to your computer system and can be integrated seamlessly. Also you can look after the elegance of use or those with more outstanding visual features.
With the help of this computer programs, we are able to feel more safe and secure. We can just relax and stop worrying every now and then. Now you can sleep with peace knowing you have made your first line of defense against possible computer intrusion by viruses. We must take advantage of these free features while they are still available because time may come that we should pay a large amount of money just to keep the level of security on our computers high. Learn all their features and how to operate these programs. Ask for a friend’s advice or an expert’s advice regarding this matter. With the right amount of information, proper awareness and appropriate programs you can be sure that you are better prepared anytime a dangerous virus is around to create fear and tremendous damage to your system. They are free, they are essential and at the same time fully functional.