10 Best and Simple Mobile App Ideas For Start-Ups That Could Change The World In 2020

2020 has been a year full of lockdowns, anxiety, sufferings, and a lot of negativity so far. However, amidst all such gloominess, there’s one bright spot. That’s the ray of hope for a successful startup. And can you guess how? It’s with the help of some great mobile apps that can boost your startup or at least instill in you the confidence of running a successful business. Although, nowadays, most of the services are backed by a mobile app for their customer’s ease, yet most of the time, they aren’t that useful or compatible as it is supposed to be. Thus, it is essential, particularly for the healthcare, food, transport, and logistics services to deploy the best mobile application developers to get a flawless app for themselves. Here’s a list of 10 best mobile app ideas that could help you become a dream entrepreneur – 1. Health & Nutrition Evaluating Apps – Combatting with the life-threatening coronavirus calls for an immunity booster. And it is needless to say that a healthy & nutritious diet is what provides you maximum immunity than any artificial supplement. However, at the same time, it is also essential to maintain a proper balance of nutrition in your body. And for this, health & nutrition evaluating apps are the best ones to assess the right level of nutrition required by your body to fight the disease. So, if you are planning to open a health & nutrition based startup, you need to hire a mobile app development company. It would help users to check their calorie intake, diet plan according to their bodyweight & vital statistics as well as take away healthy food tips that are necessary during the flu season. Features to be considered – Food intake tracker. Health and immunity building advice from experts. Water and calorie counter function. Compatibility with a wearable device. Video conferencing facility with nutritionists, health & fitness experts. 2. Food Delivery and Ordering Apps – During this pandemic times, when people are reluctant to dine out, cloud kitchen facilities have become indispensable for us. Although home cooking is the best thing for most people, there are the ones who don’t have the time or option to cook at home. In such a situation, ordering food is a great choice. So, for all the food business owners, it is essential to have a good food delivery & ordering app. It would let users order food, customize their food preference, track orders, and ensure a secure payment & hassle-free delivery. Features to be considered – Multi-lingual support. Dish recommendation according to mealtime. Fuss-free payment integration. Customer feedback option. Advance meal booking facility. 3. Business Investment Plans Apps – Amidst the deteriorating global economy, businesses are eyeing on the best investment plan to stand out in the 2020s already trembling market. Thus, with the help of the mobile application development services, you can develop an app that provides the perfect plan and resources for a business to flourish. It just requires creating an investor’s profile and allowing them to submit their basic information & investment details. This way, the investment planners can provide the right plan that matches up to the needs. Features to be considered – Profile creating facility. Expert’s discussion facility. Investor collaborations. Compatibility with investor budgets limits. Thoughts & plan sharing access. 4. Telemedicine Apps – Telemedicine apps are of immense importance during the COVID times as most of the patients are either facing denial of admission in hospitals. Besides, they lack special care from doctors due to the overflowing of COVID patients. Thus, the telemedicine apps serve to be a reliable source of remote healthcare services in such a condition. Features to be considered – Virtual assistance window & chatbox. In-app appointment scheduling facility. Pharmacy collaborations. Availability of certified doctors. Push notification for the addition of new features. 5. Supermarket Finding Apps – Such an app helps users in finding the exact location of nearby supermarkets. During this pandemic, it is recommended to purchase online. However, the supermarkets finding apps are useful in case you need to buy essentials. Features to be considered – Easy user interface. Useful recommendations. Collaboration with leading supermarkets and product brands. Consumer feedback and query facility. A detailed map or route of the destination. 6. Logistics Apps – Delivering goods is an integral part of any service. However, there are times when it is difficult to find the right transport facilities at the right time. On the contrary, some vehicles run empty after unloading. Thus, there’s a communication gap between the process. In such a situation, the logistics apps are helpful. They provide the right vehicle information and bridge that gap. Features to be considered – Real-time tracking. Collation with registered and certified vehicles. Client feedback. Traffic information. Goods information. 7. Doctor Consulting Apps – It is also one of the essential apps of all times, and the present pandemic situation has further raised the demand. It lets users get detailed information about the best doctors at your place and consult them for all critical and non-critical health issues. Features to be considered in-app – Video chatting facility. Doctors list and their address. Expert guidance. Online booking of appointments. 2487 helpline. 8. Task Planning & Motivation Apps – In this lockdown, almost all of us are facing the consequences of a disordered lifestyle. Our timetables have changed, leading to mismanagement of time and work. Moreover, anxiety, stress, and boredom have become a regular companion. It is where task planning & motivation apps come to rescue. Features to be considered – Expert tips and ideas. Personal problem-solving sessions. Chat window. Effective strategies for time-management. Multi-lingual support. 9. Disaster Management Apps – It makes the users aware of the possible natural disasters in their area and tell the ways to tackle them. It also helps people to assist the rescue operation teams with the necessary information to detect the intensity of the disaster and the damage caused. Features to be considered – Location tracer. Detailed analysis of risks. Video information on how to manage the situation. Instant rescue team alert. Preventive tips. 10. Location Tracing Apps – In the world of Google maps and mSpy, it’s time to think something out of the box. And to make it happen, you can hire an app developer who will provide you an app with instant location access facility. With the help of just a mobile Bluetooth or wifi, you can trace the location through such apps up to greater distances. Features to be considered – Live location sharing option. Messaging through AI chatbot. Tracking of all check-ins. Google services integration. Perfect time details of check-ins. Thus, these latest app ideas raise the bar on your startup performance and help you own a distinguished business empire.