4 Best Tools Can Used By Freelance Android Developer

According to market research, more than 2.9 billion apps are available on Google Play Store and this number is quite higher than iOS apps. The reason Android apps are dominating the market is people often prefer android OS than iOS. It is predicting, Android apps will be dominating 48% of the total app development market in the near future whereas other platforms will remain low on this scale. A wide range of mobile app development companies, freelancers, and startups have taken this as an opportunity to execute their ideas and develop a unique app. If you’re a freelance android developer, it would be great for you to upgrade the skills and knowledge to get more projects. In this article, I am going to extract top app development tools in order to evolve feature-rich and responsive mobile apps. Ranging from integrated development environments to a completely new set of tools, freelance android developers will get to know about such tools in a prominent manner. So, let’s get started – Eclipse – The most useful and well-known app development tool, Eclipse has a separate codebase environment and a set of measures to customize the app development projects. Earlier, the tool was used in writing an application in Java by using plug-ins, but its latest upgrades give leverage to write codes in C++, C#, Ruby, Scala, JavaScript, Fortran, and Python. As a freelance android developer, you may know that Eclipse supports a command-line which can also be reinforced by UNIX, Windows systems, and previous versions. This feature has a documented structure as if the developer wants to print the entire codebase. Alongside this, Eclipse also provides extensive offices to implement information-driven control conduct. The framework calls user quantifiable occasion handlers while the experiences credited factors in certain settings, i.e. unification. Android Studio – The most important piece of software in the Android Developer is the “Integrated development environment”. An IDE is an important program in which you type your code. Then, it will package that code as an APK file that can easily be installed in other devices. It makes IDEs the most crucial Android development tools. Android Studio is the official IDE for development, it encompasses Android SDK as an emulator, image files, and so on. All these things are installed in a simple process, thus there are no requirements to download further files. These official development tools are used by freelance developers that support them in whatever ambitious ideas you may have for the apps. If you want to become a professional developer in the future, you must learn Android Studio. The main advantage of Android Studio is, it offers a rich variety of tools that enables to monitor applications with JUnit 4 and utilitarian UI test systems. With its Espresso Test Recorder, freelance developers can generate UI test code by recording your contribution in the application on an emulator or gadget. I would also like to say that Android Studio provides fabricate computerization, depends on the executives and adjustable form designs. Hence, the app development tool/ software is enough powerful to develop large applications with different level modules. AVD Manager – The Virtual Device is another tool for building apps that stimulates devices over the PC thus developers can test the app on different devices and API levels without having a mobile device. In addition to this, the emulator offers all these capabilities of a real device, it allows you to simulate phone calls and messages as well as the location of the device, arouse different network speeds, rotation, and further hardware sensors. Even also provides access to Google Play Store and so on. AVD offers renditions of Android system images that incorporate the play store application. In addition, you would now be able to test start to finish, update, introduce, and buy streams with Google Play Store. The tool also guarantees that Emulator is created to fulfill the application advancement needs, including from reverse testing similarity with Android KitKat to synchronizing with the most recent APIs of designer review. The main advantage of AVD is, it is associated with virtual cell array and virtual Wi-Fi access point. Android SDK – The tool is acquired to develop a vast number of applications. The IDE has numerous features to optimize, write, and test codebases in order to evolve robust mobile applications. The app development kit offers a plethora of tools which are needed to develop all type and ensure the procedure goes as easy as could be expected reasonably. Being a freelance android developer, whether you make an app using Java or Kotlin, you will need the SDK to get it run effectively on any android gadget.