Must-have Skills of Mobile App Developers

Regardless of the domain and industry, companies across the world look for developers who are experienced and are well-versed with different mobile app development tools, technologies, languages, and strategies. A mobile app developer with all the required skills can only ensure flawless applications at the end. And here’s the list of the most desirable skills every mobile application developer resume must-have. Anyone who is computer savvy cannot develop a mobile application. A specific skill set is required that includes – Knowledge about mobile app UI design: This is probably the most significant aspect of great mobile application development. High quality and interactive UI design can drive the maximum number of users to an application. When it is all about building an ROI-driven mobile application, it is not just enough to include enough back-end functionalities. With a flock of applications available to download, users are attracted towards the apps that have a superior UI design along with the required features and high performance. A developer must never forget to include these elements in the UI. Excellent use of colours and themes Attractive icons and widgets Activity indicators Elegant and readable font styles High-quality graphics Cross-platform App Development ability: For every developer, it is important to have adequate knowledge of cross-platforms like Android, Windows, and iOS. A skilled app development professional must be experienced, must be able to code well, and must be versatile to build apps across all platforms and for all devices no matter what is the screen resolutions, size, and what are the features of the device. This gives a broad range of possibilities while creating the apps and a great developer’s profile. Knowledge of back-end computing: A developer should possess back-end computing skills that include app security skills, hardware interaction, database management, and memory allocation implementation. Ability to use all the advanced app development programming languages: Another essential skill needed to build a mobile app is the knowledge of programming languages and the ability to use the same in the right way while coding. Altogether, the programming skills of a developer includes aspects like: – Experience with languages like Java, OOPs, and C#. Proper training in CSS and HTML Familiarity with mobile platform API or application programming interfaces like that of Android, Windows, and iOS. Ability to implement codes and use cross-platform mobile application suites like AMP that is Accounting Management Promotion and Antenna. Cybersecurity: When you are creating a competitive mobile application, one of your major concerns should be the app’s security. Every mobile application has different types of confidential data like details of the business, personal information about the users including their contact details, bank information, etc. Providing security to such important data is the responsibility of a developer. One of the major cyber-security risks is extortion hacking. Building a highly secured application not only develops more trust between the application and the users but also adds to the goodwill of the business. Developers must take time to gather more information about the toolkit required for hundred per cent encryption of data and for data-loss thwarting. Agile development: Agile development is also included in a developer’s skill list. Mobile application developers must be familiar with lean and agile methodologies. This will make it easy for them to break the entire development process into small stages or assignments as per the order and priority level. Business capability: Just like the above-mentioned skills, having expertise and business capability is also essential to end up with successful applications for mobile users. Most of the developers overlook this point, which is a bad practice when it comes to application development. Every developer must know the right way to optimise the applications to ensure its visibility right on the top of the App Stores. Application development is a long process but not difficult if developers have the right skills and abilities to get it done.