How Wide Dynamic Rage Can Improve The Efficiency Of Your Security System?

What Is Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)? Security cameras endowed with wide dynamic range have special software that facilitates a camera to balance different lighting conditions and produces a clear image. Security cameras are intended to produce a clear image so that every minutiae detail can be observed. But, due to an inappropriate lighting condition, the captured image becomes blurred or shadowy. With the help of wide dynamic range, most of the lighting issues can be resolved to get a crystal clear image. ADT Home Security is a top-rated security company where you can avail super-durable wide dynamic range system for your home security. How Does It Work? Security cameras can’t capture underexposed or overexposed images, but only the middle part of such image is clearly captured. For instance, if one part of the image is very bright and other is extremely dark, it is not possible for a normal security camera to give a detailed image. In such case, WDR works effectively to produce a clear image by producing a wide range of light to balance the lighting conditions. Tone mapping is another way how WDR enabled cameras works. In this way, they brighten the dark areas and darken the light areas to balance an image lighting. Then again, cameras with WDR capture several shots of the scene with different levels of the exposures. This way, a camera captures both underexposed and overexposed images and combine them to get the most balanced part of the bot images to produce a balanced and clear image. To understand more, you can reach out to ADT home security system and enrich the product knowledge. Where To Use Wide Dynamic Range? While taking an image, there can be several lighting conditions and some are not suitable for capturing a clear image. Especially, in case of security cameras where every detail of the image is important, the whole image should be crystal clear. There are various conditions where WDR can be applied- When there is no way to balance the light then WDR can be helpful. Otherwise, they are not compatible with the normal camera and are very costly. So adjusting lights can be a pocket-friendly alternative. Changing the target location of the camera can also help. The places where light enters add extra light to a scene. Changing the position of the camera can prevent the use of WDR system. If it is inevitable to fix the camera at a certain position where lighting conditions are not favorable, then you can go for WDR. It can cater to your security needs in an efficient manner. Home Security Solutions offer cutting-edge WDR system to work miraculously with a security camera to keep your security intact.