How The Customer Service Centers Evolved From The Past

Customers services provided by the call centers have seen a dramatic turnaround in just the last 10 to 15 years. Gone are the days when call center services were traditional spaces, more of a ‘sweat shop’ with a myriad of people on their phones. In fact, call centers could now better be termed as contact centers and have lots of distinct communication channels to work on. Here, let us view a comparative guide on how the customer services through call centers have seen a major change since last about a decade’s period. Use Of Technology: The technology has always influenced almost every sector and call center services are no exceptions. Nowadays, the call centers work in close association with hoards of useful software including CRM (Customer Relationship Management) etc. which enhance the process to render better assistance to the customers. Besides, away from calls, the customers can now use live chat features, Skype chats, emails and other contact methods. Working Hours: Earlier, the customer support services were a ‘9 to 5’ job and if the customers faced any trouble beyond this, they needed to wait for the next day. However, nowadays you can outsource your call center services to an expert agency and allow your customers get better services 365*24*7 hours. They never need to wait and the business does not lose customers due to this. Center Of Interaction: The center of interaction for the customers was a dedicated call center cell of the organization, situated within or outside their main location. It was usually a part of the organization with a similar name. But as per the current scenario, the customer-handling agents could be situated in any part of the world and the organizations allow their global customers to contact their (outsourced) customer service team with ease. Work Flexibility: When the organizations hired their dedicated customer service representatives, they faced troubles during the peak hours, when the call volume was high. Besides, when the volume tended to be extremely low, they still had to manage their representatives and suffer losses. Nowadays, they never need to hire customer-handling employees, but simply outsource their call center to a dedicated agency, who would work accordingly to manage customers during peak hours and when the call volume is comparatively low. Size Of The Business: Earlier, call centers were a game of just the giant business organizations who could afford to maintain them. In contrast, now even the startups can opt for various cheap small businesses call centers packages and can easily handle their customers from any part of the world. Thus, the customer service centers or call centers have seen a mighty rise from the past and have alleviated the efforts of the customers, which were required to resolve troubles with the products and services they obtain. And in this sweet turnaround, outsourcing the call centers is one of the biggest factors that saves a lot of time, money and efforts, for both the organizations and the customers. For More Details-