Top 5 Trends In IT

The growth of IT services in the UAE has been at a faster pace of late. Technology is advancing and taking new forms which were just seen and heard in the fairy tales before. You must have noticed how the generations change in the smartphone industry so quickly. IT firms are keeping up with this trend to surprise their clients with larger-than-life services. Here below you will get to read about a few of the latest trends happening in the IT industry. The concept of cloud
Cloud has become the future of storage. With limited memory when people were suffering to find a way to get more storage space, cloud came into being, offering unlimited storage capacity. It offers great convenience for business and people alike. Different software and mobile applications have embraced the concept of cloud computing and started providing their customers with the best in class services. Cyberattacks
Cybersecurity breaches have become more prevalent these days. Even cybersecurity companies are targeted by blackhat hackers. You might have read the news about the cyber attack on Deloitte last year. Today cyber crimes are sponsored by terrorist outfits and every firm is on their radar. So mandatorily your cybersecurity has to be upped to tackle it. Internet security
As and when hackers introduce new malwares, cyber security companies counter them with sophisticated softwares. They have always been ahead of this cat and mouse game thereby offering companies with tightened security IoT
The biggest trend – Internet of Things. Today almost every device that comes out of the production house can be connected to internet eg watches, Smart TVs, etc. This makes our life easier than we have ever imagined. According to Cisco by the year 2021 nearly 27.1 Bn devices will be internet connected. Social platforms
The new wave that has struck the IT industry in the 2000s and beginning to rule the marketing and advertising industry is social media. When in the olden days business had only TV and print media to send out their product information to their audience, today they can target their audience, get in touch with them and do interactions with the advent of social media.