What Are The Benefits Of ELN And LIMS?

ELN stands for electronic lab notebook which is the computer program that is alternate way of laboratory notebook in which scientist store data in electronic format. LIMS that is stand for laboratory information management system and it is a computer based program that allow the scientist to manage and customize their big data with accuracy and in less time. Mostly, both programas are unified to enhance the efficiency and accuracy. Why ELN and LIMS are necessary nowadays? As effectiveness of a laboratory’s information management system is a key factor in the overall success of laboratory and scientist, pharmacists and lab workers have big research and experimental data to deal with. There is the big chance to make error during data entry, loss of data and even hard to create accurate results. So, there is a keen necessity of these both programs to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of a laboratory. These programs proved very Beneficial for the lab workers and helps them in several ways to increase the performace of a lab. Now number of labs are updated with these advance programs. There are several benefits of both programs and some of them are listed below: Benefits of ELN: Error free data entry Manage and storage of data at common place Full privacy of data and results Date and timestamps to guard against misconduct Easy to share data with your fellows Customize and edit data with advance tools Reduce the writing time and easy to use Reduce paper cost Benefits of LIMS: There are many benefits this advance program and some them are listed below: Proper workflow management and simplified data management Record keeping High accuracy More efficient Analysis of data with advance tools Reporting of results High security of data with full privacy and specific identity is required to acess the data Retrieve data rapidly Task schedule system with full team management There are several other benefits of these programs that assist the labs to increase the overall efficiency and accuracy. Big records, samples and experimental researches and quick results demands to have access to the electronic lab notebook and laboratory information management system to overcome all these situations. So, this is the time now to get updated with these programs in this advance scientific era.