Dubai Launches The First Ai-based Consumer Protection App

The role of artificial intelligence in mobile application development has taken a different shape in all these years and have moved towards creating a better, sustainable future. In short, the mythical Robo-war belief has washed away, and people and industries are taking artificial intelligence more seriously than ever. The best application of AI can be seen in empowering businesses as it enables a business or brand to provide personalized user experience to make things effective and easier. The city has become a hub for research and development. After achieving and setting a lot of world records in different fields, Dubai is currently concentering on Smart services. In the first place of its kind in the world, Dubai has launched a SMART PROTECTION service, which embraces artificial intelligence (AI) to react quickly and efficiently to consumer queries and resolve their complaints. This service launched by the Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection (CCCP) sector of the Dubai DED, which aims to harness AI as part of the continuous pursuit of excellence in government services and endeavors to position the UAE on the global excellence map. The service connects with consumers in a direct dialogue to understand the query or complaints, processes the data assembled, analyses information and gives a quick solutions for consumer complaints based on the relevant approaches and laws, announced Emirates news organization Wam. The new service receives complaints 24/7 and asks questions to gather information, and within a few minutes the consumer will be issued an empowerment letter with an instruction from CCCP to the retailer to resolve the issue as per the requirements and policies of DED. The consumer would then be able to present the letter to the trader/company concerned. The company or trader must take the necessary action within seven days from the receiving the empowerment letter. If no action is made by merchant, the consumer can report the same to the smart services and CCCP will take fundamental action against the merchant, including forcing fines. Mohammed Ali Rashid Lootah, CEO of CCCP, said “DED is proud to be the first government entity to launch a service based on artificial intelligence for consumer protection and global complaint resolution. It demonstrates government offices in Dubai and the UAE have taken awesome strides in following state-of-the-art technologies and artificial intelligence in serving businesses, visitors and residents in accordance with the highest standards followed internationally in quality and efficiency. Through the new service we aim to enhance consumer confidence in the local market and enable consumers to have their complaints resolved anytime, quickly and efficiently.” The complaints can also be solved at the click of a button without having them reported to call centers. The CCCP also encouraged significant business groups and companies working in Dubai on the service and looked for their co-operation in enhancing transparency in customer relations. The service is available in English and also Arabic so that the biggest conceivable segment of consumers will benefit from it. Consumers can get the service by downloading the Dubai Consumer app available on Android and iOS devices, or on the Dubai Consumer Protection website ( The mobile apps developers at present are integrating more of artificial intelligence technology in their applications, which are especially required in extending and studying the new horizons of the mobile innovation. We are at FuGenX, a mobile apps development company Dubai that offers Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning software development services and solutions.