How to Choose A Right Laptop In Budget

Having an update or latest version of your laptop device is a cool thought. But its quite nerve wrenching when it comes to choosing one. You get a hells lot of option available. And moreover, you tend to get a lot of advice on which one to get it. And thanks to the E-Commerce portals !! You get it online without even traveling to a store. So, are you planning to buy a new laptop? IF yes!! then there are quite a lot of options to opt for and you might look at some real deals out there. So you may be confused with the options available and the configuration, model and the brand to buy. So before you make your decision to buy one. Here are a few tips which can really help you to make a decision to buy a Laptop. The information we share is some of the experiences we came across from clients feedback and our own. So we are quite sure which device really works for you. Here is the list of known brands: Dell HP Lenovo Acer Asus Samsung etc Brand: You see ads! ads! and then ads! so there are the big 3 or big 4 companies with always bombarding you with their brand story and latest product. What’s common is that they use the same type of chipset which is Intel or AMD. So it doesn’t matter what you buy, the performance of the laptop is never based on the brands. Yes! the only thing that justifies the brand is if you are choosing the right brand. This helps you get your laptop serviced if anything goes wrong during the warranty period. Here are our few brands we recommend: Dell HP & Lenovo Above-given given brands have a good reputation in the market and moreover, have a good after-sales service. And if you traveling to a different country. Do check if they have an international warranty available. CPU : Now this is the most important one as you choose the main component. Choosing a right processor is very much important as there the chances are very that you will able to upgrade it in the near future. So before selecting a CPU, you have to make sure. What is that you need the most and What will be the use. Example :- Intel i3 – Very effective for basic home and office work
Intel i5 – Ideal for an advance computing, programming & Gaming person
Intel i7 – Maximum performance for a professional work related to a designing such as Autocad 2018. RAM : Now comes the memory! This part can be upgraded on a laptop. But you need to make sure that there is an additional slot for an extra RAM and it must have a capacity to support RAM upto 8GB or 16GB higher is better. Storage : Well now its time to save the files and photos. Yes ! So you need to check if the model you have choose comes with a SSD storage or a normal hard disk. Do remember that an SSD are much faster compared to an Hard Drive, so choosing a SSD over HDD can cost an extra 10000/ Rupees in Mumbai, India Display Resolution: It matters! Check if the screen is an HD for a Full HD. Higher resolution can give you a better picture quality and allow you to Run a game at it’s best. Portability: For office goers, it is worth checking the weight of the laptop as you tend to travel with a laptop every day. Make sure you buy a lighter model as Heavy ones are not convenient for traveling. Touch Screen: If you are planning to buy a laptop for a business use then it’s not advisable to go with a touchscreen. As it may be inconvenient. Touch screens are a good fit for an entertainment purpose. So folks hope this piece of information helps you to get the right device for you! If you need any more assistance in choosing a new laptop to buy. Do call us! Either You can always inbox us on our Facebook page or send in a request from our website. Happy Buying! Do share your experience with us. we would be glad to hear from you.