How To Download Videos From Youtube And Transfer It To Android Phone

YouTube has become a prominent medium of entertainment, infotainment and what not. Many of us use YouTube for watching web series, songs, movies, etc. We watch YouTube on smartphones, Laptops, and Desktops. Let us consider that you are watching YouTube video on Laptop/Desktop and want to continue watching it on Android device later offline. As the YouTube videos consume larger data and larger battery consumption, this might definitely help you in saving those keeping in mind that you are downloading videos on laptop/desktop and then transferring them to your Android device. Though at present YouTube is offering an option to download videos offline, it is permitted only to the app. This software we use now can be used to download the only mp3 from the video or can download the video as it is. Here we use a software called aTube catcher. You can find the software here: Let’s get started now for how to download the videos. Step – 1: Firstly, download the software. It’s a 20MB download and it must be quick to download. Then, install the software, and something like this opens up. Step – 2: In the URL del video tab, paste the URL of the YouTube you want to download and then select the type of output file you want from the output profile. Step – 3: Let’s consider a video from Google depicting Pixel 2 to download. Copy the link from YouTube and paste into the designated folder. Click Download and a window prompt to ask which format shall be downloaded. Select the required format and press download. The selection for MP3 files is also shown below. Step – 4: The video is now downloaded to the designated folder. Next, transferring it to the device. As you have installed aTube Catcher and downloaded tracks from your favorite YouTube channels to your PC, the final step is to transfer them to your Android device so you can listen to them, no matter where you are saving data and battery of course. There are many ways to transfer these file and one of them being, uploading to your cloud storage and then download from the Android app of the subsequent cloud service. Cloud services like Google Drive which offers 15GB of free space, Degoo which offers 100GB of free pace can be considered as secure and fast services. However, this also consumes a lot of data. Let’s check for next way of doing this. The best and fastest way to do it, especially if you have downloaded large music and videos, is to transfer it with the help of a USB cable. It’s a simple process, all you have to do is connect your Android device to a laptop/ desktop using a USB cable, locate the music files on your laptop/ desktop, and then just select and drag them to the music/ videos folder on your Smartphone or tablet or either can copy paste them. Hope you do enjoy performing this process.