Say Bye to Blue Ticks And Last Seen in All Messaging Apps!

An application for all your messaging app problems Hide – Blue Ticks or Last Seen Few months back I was going through a major breakthrough in life – breakup phase. I guess most of the teenagers & adults must be passing through this phase. At that point of time I really wanted some privacy and wanted to ignore my ex-boyfriend messages and want a bit space from friends also but being a social addict it was very difficult and depressing, after every few minutes I used to find myself reading messages on WhatsApp, messenger, Viber etc. With all the new features like last seen & blue tick on WhatsApp no more privacy is left. Every time you come online, you read their messages and they come to know but it’s hard to explain them you need some space and time. Then a good friend of mine told me about an app name Hide – Blue Ticks or Last Seen What a life saving app providing you all the privacy that you need. Whether you are in bad mood, you’re busy, or want some space. It’s like using all the messaging app and no one will come to know that when were you last online, you have read the message or not. So much peace, Right!!! So as the name suggest it’s an app where you can read all the messages without letting the sender know, no last seen and no blue ticks. Isn’t it amazing. when I start using it I got to know more about it’s amazing features – Hide blue double tick for WhatsApp, no last seen for Facebook Messenger, no last read for Viber , Telegram, IMO and ALLO! Yes this app hides your last seen and even blue ticks. So go online as many time and read messages without the sender knowing. -Read the deleted messages. ( this one is my favourite) Read chat messages invisibly and incognito. This works like a private detective. Read all the messages secretly and reply whenever you feel like. Enjoy your WhatsApp photos, videos and audio files without leaving the double blue check notice. Great part is that it not only works for chat messages but for photos and videos too. So enjoy photos and videos and you can reply on them later on without the sender knowing that you have already watched them. One of my favourite feature is reading deleted messages. True! Read the messages that your friend has sent you by mistake and deleted for everyone. I believe this feature can also bring out those fake friend’s with masks. This app really helped me in my breakup phase and now it’s like one app for all the messaging app. Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, Telegram and more in just one app and so easy to manage. Maintain your privacy and also your time. Go and try this cool new App and tell your experience in comment section below. Install Now! Available on Play Store