Barcodes – The Do’s And Don’ts

We thought it may be quite nice to have an article written on the basic do’s and don’ts of barcodes as when placing barcodes on your products you would want to ensure you are doing everything correctly and won’t have to make any changes at a later stage. One of the questions that we quite commonly receive is with regards to the smallest size in which the barcode images can be printed, there is no specific set size a barcode should be printed however we do not recommend going smaller than 30x20mm as the smaller you go the lower the resolution and the higher chance of the scanner not scanning the barcode. Barcode scanners can be very sensitive little machines and we always try to keep them very happy! Barcode When you buy barcodes from us we email you your barcode images at the perfect size and resolution for printing this allows you to merely copy and paste the images into your product label design and print, simple and quick, as we always try to keep things for our customers. Another question that is popular is printing barcodes in colour. You may have your label designed in the prettiest brightest colours and may feel it could dampen the look of your label to have a block black and white barcode printed along with it. Although we always suggest sticking to the original black and white of barcodes do not despair as there are a few colours which can be used for barcodes. The trick with printing in colour is to always ensure that the contrast between the barcode background and bars is high enough that the scanner can easily read the bars. Some colour examples that are a good reference to use are red bars on a white background, yellow bars on a white background, black bars on a dark blue background and red bars on a black background. Doing some research on this topic may give you quite a few options to choose from. Let’s discuss the positioning of your barcode on your product, as we mentioned earlier on scanners can be sensitive when scanning and therefore, we ask that you be careful when choosing the position on your product label to place your barcode. Do not place your barcode on a curve or on the corner of your product, this may cause your barcode to be unreadable by the scanner. Another thing to remember is that a barcode requires a “quite” space on all sides of the bars, by quite space we mean a blank space with nothing printed on it so that the scanner is able to differentiate between the start and end of the barcode lines. Also ensure that if your product is a clear bottle that there is a colour placed behind the barcode, preferably white so that the scanner can scan the bars without interruption. It will not be able to scan through a clear surface. If you follow the basic do’s and don’ts of printing barcodes you should have a smooth sailing experience.