Frozen Screen Troubleshooting For Kindle Paperwhite

Just like the other devices, at times, you may experience the slow response or freezing trouble on your Kindle Paperwhite. Most of the time, the solution is simple – Reset the Kindle device. But, what if you get a Kindle Frozen Reset Not Working issue? Well! The solution is simple. You can try the following troubleshooting guidelines if your Kindle Paperwhite freezes and causes you trouble. Kindle Ebook Stops Responding or Not Opening If your Kindle Paperwhite is behaving strangely or freezing while reading any content on it, you can try the menu restart and if required, you can go for the hard restart. If these solutions do not work, there can be a corrupted file causing this trouble. In that scenario, you need to remove that item to check if the problem is resolved or not. Always remember, if you have purchased any book from the Amazon store, it will be available in the cloud and if you want you can download the book again to your device. If you got the book from another source, you need to have a backup before removing it. You can remove the item Kindle Paperwhite by following the below-mentioned guidelines: Go to the Home screen, press and hold the item. Now, you will see the pop-up menu appearing on the screen with different options. Tap to remove the item from the device or click on ‘delete this sample’ option ( for the samples). The ebook samples will be removed from your device. Press and hold the Power button for 45 seconds to restart the Kindle ( if you have the second generation Kindle Paperwhite, press and hold the button for 15 seconds. Now, try to read the contents to check if the problem is fixed. If so, you can try to download the ebooks again from Amazon after choosing the book from the cloud on the home screen or you can sideload it to your Kindle from the computer. Kindle Paperwhite Freezes or Working Very Slow If your Kindle paperwhite is behaving weird or working slow or freezes, you need to troubleshoot the issue with the menu restart or a hard restart. Start with a Menu Restart on your Kindle Paperwhite Go to the Menu>>Settings. Click on Menu>>Restart. Restart is the third item in the drop-down list. Your Kindle will show the startup screen and progress bar. After a while, the device will restart and show you the Home screen. If menu restart is unable to fix the issue, go for a hard restart Press and hold the ‘Power’ button for 45 seconds. The screen will go blank. Hit the power button again. Just a simple click as if you were taking the device out of the sleeping mode. The startup screen will appear. In a few seconds, the device will start the restart process and show you the progress bar. Once the restart is complete, the home screen will appear. Usually, the Kindle reset, fix this problem. The reset force device to reboot and close down its current screen so it gets restart on the homepage. To reset your Kindle device, you can press and hold the power button on a device for about 20 seconds. After that release the button and when you release, a reboot screen will appear on your device and will be unfrozen.